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1997    Diploma of Museum Studies, Deakin University, Melbourne

1994    Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts Honors (Painting) RMIT University, Melbourne



2019     Continuum, Mosman Art Gallery, NSW

2018     Shadowlands, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco

2018     Continuum, Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney
2017     Solastalgia, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

2016     Radiant Orb, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco

2015     Lucid Dreaming, Art15, London

2015     Blue Marble, Turner Galleries, Perth

2014     Eternal Surge, PointB, New York

2014     Stardust in our Veins, Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne

2014     ART 14, Fehily Contemporary, London

2014     Uncanny Valleys, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

2014     Luminous Worlds, Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria

2013     Fjallkonan, Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne

2013     Auckland Art Fair, Fehily Contemporary, Auckland

2013     Diamond Dust, Ryan Renshaw, Brisbane

2013     Nightingale, Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney

2011     Wilderness of Mirrors, Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney

2011     KIAF, Sullivan and Strumpf, COEX, Soeul 

2011     Liquefaction, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

2010     Irrational Geographic, Sullivan and Strumpf, Sydney

2010     Phosphorescent, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

2010     Room 1, Flux Factory, New York

2010     Spilling Twilight, Ryan Renshaw, Brisbane and 212 Projects, New York

2009     Meridian, Sullivan and Strumpf, Fine Art, Sydney

2009     Underground Sun, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

2008     Visitant, 24hrART Contemporary Artspace, Darwin

2008     Drifter, Ryan Renshaw, Brisbane

2008     Redux, Sullivan and Strumpf, Sydney

2007     Mirror Matter, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

2007     Hell and Highwater, Sullivan and Strumpf, Sydney

2006     Pattern Recognition, Luxe Gallery, New York

2006     InFlux, Alluvial Gallery, Bendigo

2006     Lands End, Spacement Gallery, Melbourne

2005     Earthly Delights, Spacement Gallery, Melbourne

2003     Process Colour, Conical Gallery, Melbourne

1999     Lightlife, Stripp Gallery, Melbourne

1998     DJ Betty Ford, Stripp Gallery, Melbourne

1995     Just the Block, collaboration with Natasha Johns-Messenger, 

             Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne



2019    Under the Subway, Museum of the Moving Image, New York

            Surreal Sublime, Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose

2018    Moving Around, Rockhampton Art Gallery, Rockhampton 

            New artists, Cube Gallery, London

2017    Paradise Lost The Portico Library Museum, Manchester, UK

2016    Black Mist Burnt Country, touring SH Ervin Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW, Art Gallery of Ballarat,                 Swan Hill Regional Gallery,Gold Coast City Gallery, Surfers Paradise, Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville, 

            The Glasshouse Gallery, Port Macquarie, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Penrith Regional Gallery,                   Flinders University Art Museum City Gallery, Adelaide, Burrinja Gallery, Upwey 

            Sirens, Gertrude Glasshouse Lane, Fitzroy

            Imagined Worlds, Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn

            Art Market San Francisco

2015    Art from Australia, Gail Art Museum, Soeul, South Korea

            Synthetica  Wangaratta Art Gallery,Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery,Counihan Gallery,Latrobe Regional               Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery (curated by Claire Anne Watson

            18 x 8, PointB, New York

             Art Taipei, Taipei

             Disassemble/Reassemble, Caboolture Regional Gallery, Queensland

2014     Art is…Horsham Arts Festival, Horsham Regional Gallery

             Sublime Point, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, 

            (Curated by Carrie Kibbler and Grahame Kime)

             Pattern Glen Eira Gallery (curated by Diane Soumilas)

             Conquest of Space, COFA Gallery, Sydney

             (curated by Andrew Frost)

             In Your Dreams, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick

             (curated by Edwina Bartllem [catalogue])

             Vertigo, touring with Asialink:

             Galeri Soemardja, Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia

             Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Taipei, Taiwan

             POSCO Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea    

             (curated by Claire-Anna Watson [catalogue])

2013     New Horizons, Gippsland Gallery, Victoria 

             (curated by Simon Gregg [catalogue])

2013     Spatial Dialogues: Keitai Mizu, Shibuya,Tokyo 

             (curated by Larissa Hjorth)

2013    Sim Sal a Bim, SIM, Reyjavik, Iceland 

2013    Dreamtime, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco

2013    To Deny Our Nothingness, Brooklyn Gallery, New York 

             (curated by Carolina Puente)

2012    Everywhere but Here Blindside, Melbourne 

2012    Flowers for You, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York

            Inspiring Artists: Recipients of NAVA Grants Maitland Regional Gallery, NSW 

            (curated by Cheryl Farrell [catalogue])

2012    Mangae, Korean Women’s Art Association, Parliament House, Sydney

2012    Space Oddity, S Cube Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

2011    Seeing to a Distance, Level 17 Artspace, Melbourne 

            (curated by Amanda Morgan)

2011    New Psychedelia University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane 

            (curated by Sebastian Moody, [catalogue])

2011    Together in Harmony for 50 Years, KWASS, Korea Foundation Culture Centre, Seoul

2011    Arboreal, Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney 

            (curators, Rhonda Davis and Andrew Simpson [catalogue])

2011     Inhabit Fiesta, City of Brisbane Laneway Festival, Brisbane

2010     Missing Link Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn 

            (curated by Martha Kirszenbaum)

2010    Lost in Painting, Diane Tanzer gallery, Melbourne 

            (curated by Olivia Polini)

2010    I found it, I broke it, I stole it,  Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York  (curated by Nathalia Mount)

2010    Lumen Stanton Island Atlantic Salt Factory, New York 

            (curated by Ginger Schulick)

2010    The Possibility of a Painting, Chelsea Hotel, New York 

            (curated by Tara de la Gaza)

2009    NADA, Miami, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, Miami

            Auckland Art Fair, Nellie Castan Gallery, Auckland

            Spectrum, ACGA Gallery, Federation Square, Melbourne

            Salon de Refuse, SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney

            Create, Sustainable Living Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne

2008    CIGE, Beijing Art Fair, Luxe Gallery, Beijing

            Singular, Luxe Gallery, New York Galleries building, New York 

            (curated by Stephan Stoyanov)

2007    U Turn, Glendale College Art Gallery, Los Angeles 

            (curated by Larissa Hjorth and Kate Shaw [catalogue])

2007    Places, Luxe Gallery, New York Galleries building, New York 

            (curated by Stephan Stoyanov)

2006    FIAC, Luxe Gallery, Grand Palais and Louvre, Paris

2006    Create, Sustainable Living Festival, BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne

2005    Paper Chase, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne 

            (curated by Olivia Polini)

             Selekta, Westspace, Melbourne  [catalogue]

2004     Simply Drawn, Luxe Gallery, New York Galleries building, New York (curated by Stephan Stoyanov)    

             Flora Nova, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne

2003     Home Loan, Delfin Display Homes ‘Warehouse Conversions’, Caroline Springs, curated by Kate Shaw              and Larissa Hjorth

1998    Postal Presence, Stripp Gallery, Next Wave Festival 

            (curated by Ester Pierini and Larissa Hjorth)

1997    Just Looking, City of Yarra and Gertrude Contemporary public art project (curated by Charlotte Day                  [catalogue])



2018     Cover, Create Zine, Autumn issue

2017     Cover, Artlink, Jorgensen,Darren ‘The New Capitilast Realism’ Issue36

2016     August/September, Fresh Paint Magazine, USA and UK

             Cover, YEN Magazine, Sebel, Anne, issue 81, p81 ‘Imagined Lands’ 

2013     Jackson, Davina: “Geo(il)logical Visions: Kate Shaw’s Astral Landscapes”            

2013    Dee, Lee: “Guest Artist: Kate Shaw” YEN Mag, 30 October shaw/

2013    Davey, Pip: “Asleep or Awake” Art Collector supplement Auckland

            Art Fair

2013    Brown, Phil: “Beauty in a Toxic Beast” Brisbane Times, 25 May

2013    Fitzgerald, Michael: “The Rainbow Connection” Harpers Bazaar April 2, 

             p. 184

2013    Werkmeister, Sarah: “Kate Shaw: Diamond Dust”, Four Thousand, May

2013    Verfhond 2013 A thousand Living Painters, May 2013

2013    R Deepa: “Surrealistic Landscape Painting of Kate Shaw”, Amazing Tech Zone, December, 2012

2012    Breaux, Adrienne “Featured Artist: Kate Shaw” 2 Modern Blog, 15 August, 2012

2012    Moody, Sebastian: “Psychedelia Now” Art and Australia, Vol 49, No 4, Winter 2012

2012    Crawford, Ashley: “Back to the Land” Financial Review, 3 March 2012

2012    Morse, Abby “Kate Shaw’s Beautiful Acidic Landscapes” Beautiful Decay, November 6, 2012

2012    Cover, Art Collector supplement, Hong Kong Art Fair

2012    Haley, Steve: (cover) “Amping Up the Magic Hour”, Artlink: Contemporary Art of Australia and the                   Asia Pacific, Vol 31 No 4, 2011 p 36 

2012    Rule, Dan: review, Around the Galleries, The Age, 17 August 2011 

2011    Tepasse, Julia “Colourful Shining Landscapes by Kate Shaw” Lost at E Minor, 5 August, 2011

2011    Stubbins, Sinead “Kate Shaw’s Ice-Cream Landscapes’ LifeLounge 22July 2011

2011    “Kate Shaw” I Need a Guide, 3 August, 2011

2011    “Kate Shaw” We Occupy, 26 July, 2011

2011    Moshakis, Alex: “Kate Shaw”, It’s Nice That, 26 July 2011

2011    Burton, Helen: “The Evolution of Work, Kate Shaw: Liquidity”, Insight Magazine, Issue 4, 2011, p 29 

2010    “Kate Shaw” Boooom, 18 November 2010

2010    Mitchell, Fleur: “Shaw Thing”, The Blackmail, December 2010

Phillips, Isobel:  “Rock Life” The Art Life, November 2010

2010    Greco, Nell: “Irrational Geographic” The Two thousands, November 2010

2009    Robinson, Debbie: ‘Kate Shaw – Underground Sun: Nellie Castan Gallery’ Arts Hub, 13 August 2009

2009    Crawford, Ashley: ‘Under $5,000 – Kate Shaw’ Australian Art Collector, Issue 49 July – September 2009, p 186 - 187 

2009    “Landscape of the Wynne” Artscape, ABCTV, March 2009 

2009    Adams, Kate: “Kate Shaw” Artist Profile, Issue 6, 2009, p 24-25 

2008    “10 Recommended Shows for August and September: Kate Shaw”, Drifter, Art World Issue 4, August September 2008

2008    Gibson, Prue: “Double Vision”, Vogue Australia, April 2008, p 120-121.

2007    Clement, Tracey: “Kate Shaw: Hell and High Water preview” Australian Art Collector, Issue 40, April-June 2007, p 276

2006    Crawford, Ashley: ’Lands End: review’, The Sunday Age, 23 July 2006

2005    Backhouse, Megan: ’Delightful Show’, The Age, A2, 12 February 2005

2005    King, Natalie: Visual Arts Report, ABC Radio 774 review ‘Earthly Delights’ 13 February 2005

2005    Bantick, Chris: “Undulations of Vegas” The Age 19 February 2005

2005    Crawford, Ashley: “Earthly Delights”, review, The Sunday Age, 6 February 2005

2004    Interview with Vincent O’Donnell, ‘Simply Drawn’, Arts Alive, Radio National, 11 July 2004



Macquarie University Collection

Tattersalls Club Collection

Rockhampton Art Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery 

Macquarie Group Collection

Museum of Brisbane

Rockampton Regional Gallery

Royal Sydney Golf Club

Royal Automobile Club of Victoria

University of Queensland Museum

Westpac Collection

Macquarie University Collection

Private Collections Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Korea


An Ecotopian Lexicon Ed. Matthew Schneider-Mayerson and Brent Ryan Bellamy, foreword by Kim Stanley Robinson, University of Minnesota Press, 2019

Screen Ecologies: Art Media and the Environment in the Asia Pacific Region by Larissa Hjorth, 2016 MIT Press

Superlux, Smart Light Art, Design & Architecture for Cities and Buildings by Davina Jackson, Lucas Dietrich, Editorial Director, Thames and Hudson, 2015

Vertigo, catalogue essay by Claire Anna Watson, Asialink/Blindside Touring exhibition 2014

Synthetica, catalogue essay by Claire Anna Watson, 2014

Spectrum Index Book, Barcelona, 2013

Beaumont, Julian; Fenner, Felicity; McDonald; The Macquarie Group Collection: The Land and Its Psyche, University of NSW, Sydney, 2013

Stover, William: Fjallkonan Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne October 2013

Moody, Sebastian; Colless, Edward; Pennings, Mark: New Pschedelia UQ Art Museum, Brisbane 2011 

Farrell, Cheryl; Inspiring Artists, Maitland Regional Gallery, 2012

Davis, Rhonda; Simpson, Andrew: Arboreal, Macquarie University Art Gallery, 2011

Wrann, Kirsten: Redux, Sullivan and Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney 2008

Crawford, Ashley; Hjorth, Larissa; Shaw, Kate; U Turn, Arena Printing, Melbourne 2007

Ed, Day Charlotte, A Short Ride in A Fast Machine: Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces 1985-2005, Black Inc, Melbourne, 2005, pp. 190, 221, 222

Barlow, Geraldine: Earthly Delights, Spacement Gallery, Melbourne, 2005

Hjorth, Larissa; Shaw, Kate; Colless, Edward: Home Loan, Arena Printing, Melbourne, 2003



2019     Glover Prize, Finalist

             Len Fox Prize, Castlemaine Art Gallery, Finalist

             McGivern Prize, Maroondah, Finalist  

2018     Tattersalls Club Prize, Winner

             Hadley Art Prize, Finalist
2017     Arthur Guy Painting Prize, Tattersalls Prize Finalist

2015     Nomination, Prudential Eye Award

             Wynne Prize, AGNSW

             Albany Art Prize

             Tattersalls Prize

2014     Scegg Redlands Prize, Finalist, 

              Wynne Prize, AGNSW

2014     Australia Council for the Arts 

2013     Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, Finalist

2013     Dame Joan Sutherland Fund

2012     Artists Wanted 2011 Year in Review (Painting), New York, Winner

2012     Substation Art Prize, Finalist

2012     John Leslie Memorial Prize,Gippsland Regional Gallery, Finalist

2012     John Fries Memorial Prize, Gaffa Gallery Highly Commended

2012     Gold Prize, Finalist, Rockhampton Regional Gallery

2012     Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Finalist

2011     Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Finalist

2010     Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Award, Finalist

2010     Arts Victoria International Fund, Cultural Exchange

2010     Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Finalist

2009     Salon de Refuse, SH Erwin Gallery, Sydney, Finalist

2009     Tattersalls Art Prize, Finalist

2008     Fleurieu Art Prize, Fleurieu Biennale, Finalist

2008     John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Regional Gallery, Finalist

2008     Fisher Ghost Art Award, Finalist

2007    ABN AMRO Emerging Art Award, Finalist

2007    Arts Victoria International Fund

2006    ABN AMRO Emerging Art Award, Finalist

2006    Arts Victoria, International Fund

2005    Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, Finalist

2005    Darebin Latrobe Acquisitive Art Prize, Finalist

2004    Metro 5 Art Prize, Finalist

2003    Australia Council for the Arts, Development Fund

1998    Besen Family Foundation

1998    Arts Victoria

1998    Australian Film Commission



2015     Art Angels, Perth

2014     Point B Worklodge, New York

2013    SIM, Reyjavik, Iceland

2013    Point B Worklodge, New York

2012    Point B Worklodge, New York

2010     Residency Unlimited and Flux Factory, New York

2008    24 HrArt Contemporary Art Space, Darwin

2008    Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne



2011 - 2018 Private commissions, painting, Australia and USA

2017     Inessence, Australian Native Range of essential oils, Australia

2015    Video ‘They Say’ Kilter

            GNU snowboards, USA

             InEssence, Australia

            Amuseli, Spain

2014    Large scale murals for Macquarie Centre, Sydney with Urban Art Projects

2013    Scarf designs, Front Row Society, Berlin

2011    Large scale projections on the William Jolly Bridge, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane,

2010    Mural for Spencer Lane, Urban Art Projects, Brisbane 

2009    Painting, Macquarie Bank, Sydney

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